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New Berneslai Homes academy will ‘change lives’

Staff from Barnsley College and Berneslai Homes attend the launch of the Berneslai Homes academy.

Staff from Barnsley College and Berneslai Homes attend the launch of the Berneslai Homes academy.

We have officially opened an academy partnership with one of the area’s most recognisable employers, Berneslai Homes.

The College has had a longstanding relationship with Berneslai Homes, an arms-length management organisation (ALMO) which looks after around 18,000 homes on behalf of Barnsley Council.

That relationship has been formalised in the latest in our growing range of academies – employer-led partnerships that give students access to more high-quality education and training, with more opportunities to experience the world of work.

The Berneslai Homes academy has now officially opened at the CUBE building at our Honeywell campus – adding an exciting new development to the current of range of academy rooms in areas including design and engineering.

Barnsley College Deputy Chief Executive Gavin Batty said: “Our purpose is to transform lives – that’s what drives us. I’ve spoken to those from Berneslai Homes who have undertaken apprenticeships and qualifications at the College and gone on to be what they are now – that shows that ‘transforming lives’ is not just lip service, it’s absolutely part and parcel of what we do.

“The academy marks a significant step forward in our joint commitment to providing collaborative opportunities for the people that we serve in our community.

“It’s about giving our students a clear flight path, to see a rewarding career ahead with a fabulous employer like Berneslai Homes. It takes the employer’s everyday environment and brings it into the College so our students get to live and breathe their values, so they’re in an accelerated position of understanding once they step into the world of work.

“Our students will get significant value, and in return Berneslai Homes will be able to identify the future workforce to mould and shape the people we have, as soon as their potential is seen.

“This is one of those partnerships that just makes sense, and long may it continue.”

Berneslai Homes has already welcomed a number of College apprentices and T level students through its doors, as well as attending events including job fairs.

Amanda Garrard, Chief Executive of Berneslai Homes, said: “We’re delighted with the new academy room at Barnsley College and hope it will prove to be an inspiring space for students.

“It’s fantastic to have this partnership with the College and to be able to work together to change the lives of people in Barnsley. Together we’re committed to providing a wide range of training and employment opportunities locally.

“We’re looking forward to having more talented young people coming to join us in their early careers and beyond!”

Last updated: 3rd May 2024

Originally posted on: 3rd May 2024

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