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Rising Through Ranks: The Journey from Level 1 to a BA (Hons)

Chloe YoungChloe Young enrolled in the College in 2016, embarking on her educational journey with the Level 1 Caring for Children Diploma.

Since then, she has progressed steadily, achieving success in various levels, including the Level 2 Introducing Caring for Children and Young People Certificate, the Level 3 Childcare and Education (Early Years Educator) Diploma, and the Supporting Children and Families in Social Contexts Foundation Degree.

Currently, Chloe is in her second year of the Supporting Children, Young People, and Families BA (Hons) Top-Up degree.

We spoke to Chloe and asked her about her journey and time at the College.

Why did you study childcare?

In 2015, upon completing school, I chose to pursue childcare as my field of study, inspired by my role as the eldest among nine siblings. Fuelled by a deep passion for children and young people, I aspired to realise my career objective of becoming a family support worker. Consequently, I embarked on my educational journey, progressing from Level 1 to my current course in supporting children and families.

Why did you choose to study with us?

I chose this college because it is local to my area, and the outstanding Ofsted rating assured me that I would receive excellent support to maximise my learning potential.

What do you most enjoy about your course?

I enjoy both the tutors and the modules offered at the College. Ian Palmer, HE Pathway Leader within Childcare, is my favourite tutor. He has provided substantial support from the beginning, consistently inspiring me to continue studying, especially during challenging times. I am particularly enthusiastic about modules that delve into safeguarding and learning about new theories and practices.

Are there any areas that you found challenging?

Balancing a full-time job alongside studying and other life responsibilities has been challenging at times. I faced a particularly difficult period when I was hospitalised for over four weeks due to mental health issues when I was unable to study. However, I managed to overcome this obstacle by reaching out to Ian, who organised additional support for me.

What do you aspire to do in your career beyond Childcare?

My aspiration is to pursue a career as a family support worker, with a specific focus on assisting individuals facing mental health challenges. Looking ahead, I also envision the possibility of becoming a social worker in the future.

Would you recommend this College and why? 

I would certainly recommend this College. It offers extensive support for all types of students and reflects a strong belief in their students.

If you are inspired by Chloe’s journey and want to study a course within Childcare and Education Professions, visit www.barnsley.ac.uk/childcare. Alternatively, contact the Information Team by emailing info@barnsley.ac.uk or calling 01226 216 123.

Last updated: 21st March 2024

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