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College phone system changes

On Wednesday 10 August, we will be migrating the phones onto a new system, which means there will be some downtime. Please see below for the answers to any questions you may have.

The current telephone system is being replaced with a new system that integrates into MS Teams.

Work has already started, however the actual switch-over date is Wednesday 10 August. During this time there may be a small amount of disruption to calls whilst the system moves over.

As the new system integrates into MS Teams, for the vast majority of staff who have a dedicated handset and their own dedicated extension number, their calls will come via MS Teams, similar to how staff already receive internal calls via MS Teams.

Once the migration has been completed, those staff with their own dedicated number will have a dial pad appear in MS Teams which will allow them to make external calls.

For most staff who use a shared telephone handset to make and receive calls, the handset will be replaced with a new one which will work on the new system.

No, all existing staff numbers will remain the same. However, a couple of service numbers will change, one of which is the IT Services number which will change from ext. 111 to ext. 555.

The new system provides the college a number of enhancements and benefits. Some of the standout benefits are:

  • For staff who currently have a dedicated telephone number, the ability to make and receive calls via their College telephone number from wherever they have access to MS Teams and the internet. This includes the MS Teams app for mobile phones.
  • Where staff have a dedicated voicemail facility, having their voicemails stored in MS Teams which allows for easier retrieval and management of their voicemails.
  • We will gain more in-depth reporting about our telephone usage.

No, you simply dial the number the same way as if you are dialling the number from your mobile phone.

Any current voicemail greetings for your dedicated phone and/or shared phones including Absence lines will need to be re-recorded.

We will put further information out on how to record a greeting soon. Any stored voicemail messages on the current system will not flow over to the new system, please ensure you have all the details of any saved messages before the changeover.

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