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Project Search Supported Internships

What is Project Search?

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Project Search is a transition to work program for people with disabilities. DFN works with the NHS to provide working opportunities in hospital roles like volunteering, IT, stores and more. It’s for 18 -24 year olds in their last year of education. We partner with Barnsley Hospital to bring Project Search to our students. We have also partnered with Barnsley Council to make the placements available to students.

Before students begin their internships, they will have an induction session at the College, which will include NHS induction training. A member of our team is assigned as a Job Coach to students to support them while they carry out their placement.

This is a video with further information on Project Search:


What are the benefits of Project Search to a student?

Project Search benefits our students in lots of ways. It:

– Boosts the confidence of people with disabilities

– Empowers people with disabilities with employability skills

– Work experience for CV or to gain further opportunities/employment

– Gain friendships and make connections

– People with disabilities gain knowledge and learn about new industries

– Financial independence and security from money earned

– Boost to self-esteem


What course is available?

We offer a  Supported Internship. This full-time course starts in September.


Information for Employers

We are looking for local businesses, both large and small, to provide unpaid work opportunities to help young people develop employability skills whilst making a positive contribution to the business.

All individuals have different skills and will therefore be able to do many different kinds of jobs. While we encourage you to keep an open mind, there are some general guidelines about the types of jobs that would be best suited:

Placements could include working in a warehouse, catering establishment, estates, retail or administration setting. The most important aspect will be to ensure a good match between the skills and abilities of the young person and the demands of the role.


What are the benefits for your business?

Evidence shows that disabled workers demonstrate great commitment and performance and have excellent attendance records. Studies have shown that employing people with a disability improves workforce morale and increases customer goodwill.

Your customer base will appreciate the efforts you are making to be an equal opportunities employer.


Will there be any cost involved?

No. Barnsley College will fund any necessary costs i.e. DBS checks that are incurred as a result of the placement.


All businesses who join the scheme will also benefit from:


Need more information?

You can speak with the Learning for Living and Work by emailing LFLWadmin@barnsley.ac.uk or calling 01226 216 248. Alternatively visit the DFN Project Search website.








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