Excellence Awards – Student Nominations

Do you have a friend at College who deserves to be recognised for their achievements or dedication to their studies? Maybe they have been involved in College life and through their participation have made a real difference to the lives of others.

This could be through helping others either academically or socially or as a result of their involvement in College events.

Nominate your one-in-a-million peers into the categories below.

There are 4 categories. Please ensure you nominate into the category which best supports the person you are nominating e.g. where they are studying:

  • Barnsley College
  • Barnsley Sixth Form College
  • Barnsley College Higher Education
  • ITS

Nominate by clicking on the award title. You can nominate more than once, just submit your form then refresh the page.

Nominations close 4.00pm Friday 31 March.


Student of the Year – Barnsley College


Student of the Year – Barnsley Sixth Form College


Student of the Year – Barnsley College Higher Education


Student of the Year – ITS

Last updated: 15th March 2023