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Students attend specialist dance classes

Student performing a dance move whilst hanging on a hoop.

Our Performing Arts students recently experienced Ariel Hoop and Lolli Pop training sessions at My Pole Studio and Aerial Fitness in Doncaster, aimed at improving the students dance knowledge and expertise.

Performing Arts Teacher, Devon Blood, said: “The reason I wanted my students to attend the Aerial Hoop and Lolli Pop class is because it is now becoming more popular to study this at university as part of the dance courses.

“The students also worked on upper body strength, conditioning, control and creating movements using ballet technique in the air.

“This is also an opportunity into working life, as circus skills are valued at holiday camps, cruises and in circus acts or physical theatre companies.”

Level 3 Diploma Performing and Production Arts student, Danielle Pearson, said: “It improved my body strength and made me realise my abilities. It also helped me build my confidence as I have now tried a new technique.”

Last updated: 7th March 2024

Originally posted on: 7th March 2024

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