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Students reuse crisp packets to help the homeless

Barnsley College staff and students with Peter Mulrooney

Our 14-16 Direct Entry students have created crisp packet blankets to keep the homeless warm and support our sustainability commitments.

The Direct Entry provision is a pathway for young people aged 14-16 who are not benefiting from a mainstream school. We provide support for the 14-16 students and encourages them to plan for their future and achieve their goals.

After taking part in lessons about global warming, students decided to collect and reuse crisp packets and turn them into blankets to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic going to landfill, whilst creating an effective method to protect the homeless from wet weather.

Students devoted seven months to collecting crisp packets, encouraging friends and family to donate their packets rather than throwing them in the bin.

The project lasted six weeks with students creating 24 blankets for the Rough Sleeper Project run by the Barnsley Churches Drop-in charity.

The blankets will provide protection from the cold and wet weather with the foil lining reflecting the heat and keeping individuals dry.

Peter Mulrooney, Treasurer of Barnsley Churches Drop-in, said: “The Barnsley Rough Sleeper Project goes out every night to support the homeless by providing them with items to meet their immediate needs.

“These blankets will give our volunteers the confidence to help the homeless by being able to provide them with a blanket to keep them warm and will insulate any sleeping bags they already have.”

Dafydd Cherry, Headteacher for the 14-16 Direct Entry and Skills Academy, added: “As the college is continuously working hard to promote sustainability, this project was a perfect fit for the students to complete.

“I am immensely proud of the students and their achievements with this project. For the students to know that their work will have an impact within our town and our community, whilst supporting the people who really need our help is something they should all be proud of.”

We are committed to embedding Education for Sustainable Development throughout the curriculum. To find out more about the positive steps we are taking towards its sustainability goals, visit our Sustainability Strategy.

Last updated: 18th May 2023

Originally posted on: 18th May 2023

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