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We helped six-year-old Esther become a published author

Esther Turner with her published book

Esther Turner with her published book

Christmas has come early for Esther Turner who has seen her short story become a published book with a little help from us.

The six-year-old schoolgirl entered our Wigfield Farm ‘Once Upon a Time at the Farm’ short-story competition in the summer and had her work selected from the entries received from children across the borough.

“I really loved seeing the guinea pigs and the meerkats at the farm and I decided they needed to be the main characters in my book!”

The book, titled The Smelly Adventures of Splat, tells the tale of Splat the guinea pig and his attempts to become the top animal at the farm – even if it means upsetting the other animals. Splat, however, finds out why you should always be kind.

The budding author was presented with the book at the farm’s Christmas Fair in front of her family, friends, teachers and classmates.

Esther, who is already planning a sequel, said: “I was inspired to write the Smelly Adventures of Splat by my visit to Wigfield Farm during the summer holidays; I really loved seeing the guinea pigs and the meerkats at the farm and I decided they needed to be the main characters in my book!”

Esther’s character ‘Splat’ was brought to life by local illustrator, Dan Rose, founder and creative director of digital agency, Awesome.

Dan, who met Esther when she was presented with her book, added: “It was a great honour to bring Esther’s wonderful story and imagination to life. From her sketches – which can be seen in the back of the book – and the narrative of her story, I was able to get a good feel for the humour and tone that has resulted in the illustration style and scenes that I’ve created.

“The process has been super fun – I really enjoy illustrating for books that families can enjoy, and I believe that Esther has certainly created a classic here!

“Seeing the final printed copies was wonderful and I hope Esther is really pleased with all the input that the college and other contributors have produced to bring her story to life.

“I can’t wait to share this story with my children – we visit the farm regularly, so I just know that they’ll be looking for Splat and co. on their next visit!”

A limited number of copies of Esther’s book are available to buy from Wigfield Farm, Haverlands Lane, Barnsley, S70 5NQ for £2. The admission price for the farm is £2 per person with free entry for children under the age of two.

Last updated: 20th December 2023

Originally posted on: 20th December 2023

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