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Wellbeing workshop for ESOL students

Lorriane Dixon

Lorriane Dixon

Our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) attended a self-care and wellbeing workshop led by Sheffield based writer and life coach Lorraine Dixon.

The interactive online workshop was packed with tips and advice on how students can combat stress and worry. Lorraine talked to the students about a range of self-care topics, asked students to think about their emotions and provided strategies on how to deal with the aspects in their life that could be affecting their stress levels.

Lorraine emphasised the importance of wellbeing, physical exercise, healthy eating and the significance of smiling and its positive effects. After demonstrating some breathing techniques, she encouraged students to discuss the types of activities that could be undertaken to reduce stress which included reading, listening to music, walking and yoga.

The session was organised by the College’s Enterprise department who provide enrichment opportunities for students’ personal, social and professional development.

Brittany Iveson, Tutor of ESOL at Barnsley College, said: “The session was amazing, and the students got involved in answering the questions that Lorraine was asking. Not only did they learn more about the importance of self-care and wellbeing, but it was also a great opportunity to improve their English!

“We have been addressing the importance of wellbeing in our lessons and the students have been writing poems about how to deal with stress, so Lorraine’s session was timed perfectly!”

Last updated: 11th February 2021

Originally posted on: 11th February 2021

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