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We’ve been raising awareness of mental health and homelessness

We welcomed three powerful speakers to mark World Mental Health Day and Homelessness Awareness Day 2023.

Each of the speakers presented an impactful talk highlighting the realities of homelessness and mental health, with opportunities for students to engage.

“It’s great that days like today exist in the curriculum because I think it is an essential part of learning and it has a massive effect on how students learn.”

Haleem Clift from The Charlie Waller Trust, who has worked closely with Mind, NCS and Time-to-Change’s National Media Team to support and consult on campaigns for the Government, delivered sessions to students.

He spoke about his own personal experiences with topics including single-parent households, trauma, masculinity, addiction, anxiety and depression, as well as sharing tools and techniques students can use to improve their own mental health and wellbeing.

Haleem, who has had his documentary and spoken word content featured on BBC and ITV, said: “It’s no shock that young people are going through a mental health crisis right now. Often, in education, there is not mass amounts of talk around mental health, so along with many other people doing their bit, I want to make this conversation more accessible and open.

“It’s great that days like today exist in the curriculum because I think it is an essential part of learning and it has a massive effect on how students learn. It’s great to be here and see how progressive the college is with raising awareness through days like this.”

Other speakers included Emma Nay from Depaul who spoke about the impact of homelessness on young people’s lives and how the charity works to prevent and alleviate homelessness; and Julie Tweedale of Freedom Personal Safety also educated students on healthy relationships, respect, understanding consent and recognition of abuse.

The Health and Wellbeing team at the College also organised pop-up stalls from Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS), CHILYPEP and the College’s Student Services Health and Wellbeing Team and Finance Team who provided information, advice, and guidance around both homelessness and mental health.

Liam Garside, Head of Student Services, added: “As a College, it will always be incredibly important for us to raise awareness of both mental health and homelessness; a massive thank you to all our guests who shared their stories and vast experience with our students.

“With studies highlighting that both mental health issues and those facing homelessness are rising in young people, it is essential we make the services within the College and the local community available to our students and provide them with the skills to support them manage their mental wellbeing.”

Last updated: 11th October 2023

Originally posted on: 11th October 2023

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