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College students immerse themselves in virtual reality

A Barnsley College Childcare and Education Professions student using the VR equipment to explore life as a new-born.

Our Childcare and Education Professions students have had the opportunity to take part in Virtual Reality (VR) sessions as part of their induction to College.

Sarah Rawson, Course Leader for Level 3 Childcare and Education Professions and T Levels, was keen to make the students’ induction period as memorable as possible whilst preparing them for their studies in a fun and engaging way.

Students took part in a carousel of activities which were designed to support their employability, communication, teamwork and problem solving skills. The key principals of the sessions were to highlight the resilience and innovative attributes each student has.

Activities included creating a ‘magical’ cube online which allowed objects to come to life. This encouraged students to discuss how similar actions could be used in a classroom to support curiosity in children. The VR sets were also very popular among the students as they allowed them to explore a nursery environment, providing them with vital insight to their placement later in the academic year.

Students also had the chance to use an Oculus Rift, an entirely immersive VR experience which allowed students to experience the sights and sounds of a variety of situations from what a baby experiences in the womb to how the world looks to a child as their sight develops.

Sarah said: “I really wanted students to have fun and explore their curiosity during the induction period of their studies. I organised the carousel of activities with the view of developing students’ knowledge, skills and behaviours which have been identified to support them in the workplace.

“Each exercise encouraged students to discuss why each skill set they were developing will be important to their chosen career path or industry from social workers to teachers. The VR sets were really popular within the session and enabled students to experience a multitude of fascinating environments.”

Rachel James, Director of Teaching and Learning, added: “As we start the new academic year, this is the latest investment by College in digital technology for students and staff, ensuring learners are accessing the best equipment to enhance their studies and experience new ways of learning and working.

“The College has embraced new digital development for colleagues, with Microsoft training and our Discover Digital programme which has led to nearly 500 staff across College now possessing an MIE (Microsoft Innovator Educator) award.”

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Last updated: 20th September 2021

Originally posted on: 20th September 2021

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