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Financial Support FAQs

The Learner Support Fund is a bursary available to students who meet eligibility criteria for financial support towards towards the cost of travel, food, course essential items and childcare. These funds are provided to the college from the government to assist colleges in removing financial barriers to learning.

If your household income is below £37,000 you can apply.

See the different evidence types available below that may relate to your circumstance;

– All the pages of the 2023/24 Tax Credit Letter.

-Three most recent wage slips with name and address.

-Benefit letter dated within three months that includes name and address. If the letter is older than 3 months, please also provide a full month’s bank statement. (Benefit letters include; Income Support, Employment Support Allowance, Job Seekers’ Allowance.)

-Self-assessment tax calculation or certified accounts.

– P60 Form.

– Universal Credit (The 3 most recent payment statements for Universal Credit. Each statement needs to evidence all information including name, address, the blue box at the top, and the section titled “If your circumstances change”. This can be found on the Universal Credit app or online via the log in account.)

We DO NOT accept bank statements as evidence for Universal Credit.

No, it is recommended you speak to a staff member to discuss the difficulties with your evidence. It is worth noting we do not require all the evidence requested in our evidence checklist. Some documents include everything we require such as the up to date Tax Credit Award letter or your last 3 Universal Credit statements.

No, we just require documentation confirming you are in care/a care leaver but you still need to complete an application form.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, please allow for 10 working days for your application to be processed. If you have missing evidence this will delay your application and funding. We will only begin to assess your application once the complete form and correct evidence is received.

You will receive an award email to the email address you provided on your application form. Please ensure you use an email address that you have access to.

Applications take up to 10 working days to be processed. If it has passed 10 working days and you haven’t received any confirmation, please email studentsupport@barnsley.ac.uk with your name and student number and a member of staff will look into this for you.

Free School Meals will be awarded through the Learner Support Fund. Please complete an application form and submit the relevant evidence. If you have already completed an application form, please do not submit another.

You can still apply to the Learner Support Fund as normal. We recommend you open one, not just for the potential of receiving support from the College, but also in preparation for any part-time employment you may have in the near future. If you would like help with opening a bank account, please email studentsupport@barnsley.ac.uk with your name and student number stating you that require assistance with this.

If you are aged under 20 at the start of the academic year, please apply to the government childcare scheme called Care to Learn. Please visit https://www.gov.uk/care-to-learn

You will need to apply through the online portal and then you will need to provide Student Services with a copy of your child/ren’s birth certificate and proof of child benefit. Please email these to studentsupport@barnsley.ac.uk along with your name and student number.

Please speak to a member of the funding team if the payment from Care to Learn does not cover the full cost of your childcare.

If you need any support with this application process please email studentsupport@barnsley.ac.uk and a member of the team will arrange an appointment with you.

You can apply using the online Learner Support Fund application form and select the option that you will need funding support for childcare fees. A member of the team will then contact you with an additional form to complete which details your specific childcare funding requirements, this is capped at £180 per week and must be with an Ofsted registered provider.

If you have a household income of less than £37,000 then you can apply using the Learner Support Fund for a contribution towards your childcare costs. *capped amount applies and may not cover full costs*

No, funding can only be provided to an Ofsted registered organisation or childminder.

No, the College will set up a contract with the nursery or childminder and will pay them directly through an invoice system.

Yes, as the funding is provided from the government to the College, where possible you will be asked to use your government free hours and the learner support fund will then ‘top us’ as required.

It is based on individual circumstances around your timetable.

The fund will cover the cheapest form of transport for you to attend College. It is therefore important that you apply for any concessionary pass available to you. You will be provided with either a payment to cover travel expenses or the most appropriate bus pass for you.

These are travel passes provided by Travel South Yorkshire/Metro that gives you discounted travel, these are free passes. Click here are the passes available to College students.  

You can check the travel payment schedule, this can be found in Student Services on display and on our website.

If you are allocated bus passes as your funding, you will not receive payments into the bank.

Please check your attendance with your study department. If you’re attendance is low then this affects your bursary payments, please email studentsupport@barnsley.ac.uk for further information.

You will be notified by email once your application for financial support has been processed. You will need to wait for this before you try and use your student card for payment of food.

At any of the food outlets within the College sites.

If you are studying on a full time course that requires you to complete an Industry Placement, please apply for the Learner Support Fund for financial support towards this. Alternatively, please contact your departmental Work Placement Coordinator who will be able to give you more information.

No, course fees are not covered through the Learner Support Fund. If you require financial support towards your course fees, please check with the College’s Information Unit on 01226 216 123 or info@barnsley.ac.uk.

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