Learner Support Fund

What is the Learner Support Fund?

This fund helps to support learners with the cost of studying, e.g. books, equipment, kits and other learning costs. To be eligible you must be enrolled and attending a course which is not ‘Full Fee Payable’. The course information will tell you if it is full fee payable, or you can contact the Information Team to check. All applications are means tested based on household income.

Due to limited funding the College cannot guarantee to support every application it receives so you are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

How the Learner Support Fund can support you.

If you are aged 14,16, 16-19 OR 20+ with your course fee waivered. You could be entitled to support with the following;

If your household income is You are entitled to:
between £20,001 to £35,000 Up to £700** per year towards travel
below £20,000 As above, plus:
Up to £15 per week Food Credits
Study Programme essentials
UCAS memberships
Childcare (learners aged over the age of 20)

Students aged 19+ and in receipt of an Advanced Learner Loan for course fee*

If you have an Advanced Learner Loan and your household income is You can apply for help towards ONE of the following:
below £35,000 Up to £50 per month towards travel
Up to £100 per month towards ALS
Up to £250 per month towards childcare

* Figures apply from September 2019

**Agreed courses only

Apply online for 2019/20 funding below.

The online application below does not cover students aged 14-16 (including Direct Entry), Childcare or Elite Sports Bursary Funding. Please call 01226 216267 for an application to these additional bursary’s.

Applications for the Learner Support Fund 2020/21, open June 2020.

For more information please contact Student Services on:

Tel:  01226 216 267
Email : studentsupport@barnsley.ac.uk 


Last updated: 20th January 2020