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Meet Emily, the Rising Star in Barnsley’s Farming Scene

Agriculture student Emily Hanson with one of the farms lambs

Agriculture student Emily Hanson with one Wigfield Farm’s lambs.

Agriculture student Emily Hanson has demonstrated unwavering dedication to her dedication for farming by securing a part-time Shepherdess role alongside her studies.

The Level 2 Agriculture student’s passion has always burned brightly, despite not being raised on a farm, and that enthusiasm has been a driving force in her journey and bringing her dream of having a farm one step closer.

At just 11 years old, Emily’s passion for animals was ignited by volunteering at Goldthorpe Primary School, working with animals from poultry to ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Emily then began working on her uncle’s pig farm, witnessing firsthand the dedication and hard work required in the farming industry.

Emily, who will progress onto Level 3 Agriculture in September,  said: “I am learning many things that will be useful for my career as a Shepherdess; the hands-on learning experience is enriching and provides me with a deep understanding of animal husbandry that I can use when I can care for and nurture the animals.

“Learning skills such as dagging sheep to clean their wool; halter training for safe movement; and administering injections, foot trims and health checks are crucial for achieving my career goals.”

Driven by her ambition to become a Shepherdess and show sheep professionally, Emily is committed to improving her skills and contributing positively to the agricultural sector, despite the challenges farmers face, including environmental concerns and financial constraints, she remains steadfast in her dream of one day owning a farm.

Macauley Parkin, Course Leader for Agriculture at Wigfield Farm, added: “Emily is a true inspiration for young farming enthusiasts and evidence of the transformative power of passion and dedication.

“She has consistently impressed as a student, demonstrating a strong work ethic and active participation in both practical and theoretical lessons; her punctuality, politeness, teamwork, leadership, and impeccable attire showcase her exemplary work ethic.

“I look forward to watching her grow as she continues studying her Level 3 Agriculture course next year while working part-time on her days off and weekends as a Shepherdess.”

Last updated: 4th June 2024

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