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Sustainability success in the SDG Teach In

The two leaderboards from the 2024 SDG Teach In showing Barnsley College top of a leaderboard for students reached and second for numbers of educators pledged, amongst a number of other colleges and education institutions.

The two leaderboards from the 2024 SDG Teach In.

We have again come out top of dozens of education providers across 19 countries in an annual global leaderboard to reach more students with sustainability education.

Across March, the SDG Teach In – run by charity Students Organising for Sustainability UK – sees schools, colleges and other education institutions pledging to put the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the heart of teaching and learning. More than 105,000 students in 85 institutions were reached with this year’s campaign.

The SDG Teach In consists of two global leaderboards. One, in which the College finished first, measures the total number of students reached. The other – in which we came runner-up to Calderdale College – ranks institutions on the number of educators pledging to embed the SDGs into their work.

We’ve seen students ‘plogging’ – jogging and litter picking – using apps to convert fitness activities into trees planted, and engaging in Carbon Literacy training, as well as a special parliamentary visit.

Barnsley College Sustainability Officer Sasha Beswick said: “It’s fantastic to not only top the leaderboard for students reached, as we did last year, but to also have again had the second-most educators pledging to embed the UN SDGs into their daily work.

“This truly shows the College’s commitment to making sustainability an integral part of how we operate. We have to thank not only the staff who took the time out to pledge – and develop sessions around the 17 SDGs and how they relate to our work – but also our students who responded so positively to the SDG Teach In.

“We are pleased to have played a part in this important worldwide campaign. While coming top of both leaderboards is great validation of our progress around sustainability education, it’s important to remember the reasons behind promoting the Teach In – and why the UN SDGs are a vital call to action around improving the climate and inequalities, that everyone should be aware of.”

Last year, we also came top of 128 education and training providers across the globe for numbers of students reached during the campaign, and second place for number of educators who pledged to include the SDGs in their teaching and learning – 249 in total amongst 1,284 across the competition.

At the end of 2023, the College was one of just three organisations in the country to receive the CLAD Catalyst Award – for its dedication to tackling climate change through climate education and action, and for catalysing the delivery of Carbon Literacy training throughout the organisation and beyond.

We delivered training to more than 1,000 students as part of the College’s ‘Carbon Literacy Week’ – expanding upon CLAD to make a full week of activities.

In addition, ITS (Independent Training Services) – part of Barnsley College – delivered a pioneering course, created collaboratively by members of the Barnsley Positive Climate Partnership (PCP) education task and finish group. Sustainability Officer for the College, Sasha Beswick, has been instated as vice-chair of the PCP, further showing the institution’s commitment to climate action.

Last updated: 15th April 2024

Originally posted on: 15th April 2024

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