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Studying with us is great, but don’t just take our word for it…

Here at College, we love nothing more than shouting about how brilliant our students are and the fantastic things they get up to.

We always strive to share how fantastic our range of courses and facilities are, but, it’s best you hear it from those who have experienced it themselves.

We caught up with Business and Management students Jakub and Alice to hear about their journey and find out their words of advice and all-important lunch recommendations.

Jakub Czarnecki, a former Level 3 Business student who is now studying Law at the University of Sheffield, said: “I chose to study at Barnsley College because I liked that you don’t have to wear uniform; it feels more relaxed that way. Plus, it was close to home.

“I enjoyed coming to College. I love learning and I like the process of gathering information for assignments, then writing them. I really liked the diversity of subject areas in Business along with the practical aspect of the course. For me it seemed like every day I would learn something new and this gave me the motivation to get the best grades I could.

“It was always a pleasant experience working with the support services at Barnsley College. The Job Shop was really useful in making sure my personal statement for my university application was the best it could be.

“I’d recommend studying at the College because it has fantastic teaching. They’re open to questions, and I never felt lost. Barnsley College prepares you for university with referencing, writing, structure and research. This is useful, as I’m now studying Law at the University of Sheffield.

“My advice to anyone thinking of studying at Barnsley College is to engage with the content and enjoy the journey. It’s my firm belief that the College has prepared me for success in university both through the habits I developed throughout my course and the soft skills I’ve learnt through feedback during assignments.”


Alice Baker, a former Level 3 Business student who is embarking on a Business degree with the Open University, said: “As a former home-educated student, I wanted to join Barnsley College because I wanted to get back into some form of formal education. I enrolled to study Level 3 Business alongside GCSE English and Maths because everyone was lovely and welcoming.

“I enjoy many things about College. The lessons are fun and engaging; teachers are incredibly supportive; and not only are you encouraged to develop academic skills, but you are also encouraged to develop personal skills such as confidence and communication skills too.

“The course was very enjoyable; I liked using different interactive software and making the most of the opportunities we were given. For example, for the Principles of Management unit, we used a business simulator where you were the manager and you had to make decisions for a business, and the simulator gave you a score based on how good the decision was.

“We also used virtual reality headsets to look around different shops for our Visual Merchandising unit. This allowed us to see displays as if we were in the shop and identify methods that stores had used.

“We also had lots of other opportunities, like having a Visual Merchandising Manager from PURA judging our displays and giving feedback and a trip to Leeds Rhinos to see how the business was managed and what different events could be held there.

“My advice to anyone who’s thinking of studying at Barnsley College is to talk to tutors. If you are struggling with work, they can make it easier or find a different way to explain things to you.

“If you are struggling with other things speaking to people will help as it can impact your academic life more than you think. Talking with tutors has helped me develop so much as a person not just as a student. I have been able to get additional help in subjects I was studying and get the support I needed through College when I could not find it elsewhere.

“I have used Student Services in the last year of my course, as personal circumstances were beginning to affect my College life and work. I had regular meetings with Liam, the Head of Student Services, and I could talk to him about anything that was troubling me either at home or in College. The College created an environment where I felt supported and listened to.

“Student Services also offers the free coach service and I used this in my third year of being a student here. I would recommend others to use it as the drivers are nice and helpful, and the buses always run-on time.

“I’ve recommended the College to others, including one of my best friends, for several reasons…

  1. The tutors have often worked in industry so have the experience and knowledge to pass on to you.
  2. The College helps to prepare you for university or working life by building up your skills and confidence through numerous opportunities.
  3. The sausage sandwiches and the chocolate brownies. I also would always get the Iced Chia Tea Latte with soy milk from Starbucks as it’s really refreshing.”

Last updated: 30th November 2022

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