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College hosts insight day for Health, Science and Social Care students

We welcomed Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC) to host an event for Health, Science and Social Care Professions and Childcare and Education Professions students, focusing on providing the skills, knowledge and relationships needed to reduce the skills gap within the Health and Childcare industry.

Our partnership supports the Barnsley 2030 strategy, by ensuring our students fulfil their learning potential and develop relationships with key employers within the industry in Barnsley.

Our students attended market-style sessions in the morning for an eye-opening experience into the vast range of careers available within the sector with expertise from BMBC staff in the fields of Youth Justice, Targeted Youth Support, Early Start and Family Services, Children’s Social Care and Nursing.

In the afternoon, students had the opportunity to participate in intimate talks with BMBC professionals to discuss the career paths and exciting prospects within their field to help students build the vital skills they need to get into work with the health sector and progress in their careers.

Chris Scanlan from the Youth Justice Service speaking to students.

Chris Scanlan, from the Youth Justice Service who attended the day, said: “These events are incredibly important for the students as they often struggle with knowing what career they want to go into, so they get to explore a variety of areas within BMBC and find interest and direction.

“I hope the day sparked interest in the service by promoting the career opportunities available, including Youth Justice Officer, Youth Prevention Worker, Learning Disability Nurses and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) Worker.”

Alix from the Princes Trust speaking to two students

Alix Simon, from The Prince’s Trust, attended the market-style sessions, added: “At the Prince’s Trust, we know the importance of supporting young people into roles in Health and Social Care.

“We work closely with the NHS, social care providers and Barnsley College to assist students entering the care sector and supporting them in their chosen careers.”

Emma Harvey, Childcare and Health Programme Manager, commented: “This is an amazing opportunity for our students to delve into a varied range of careers in the Health and Childcare industry.

“I hope this event developed relationships and opened up opportunities for our students as they progress onto Higher Education or employment with the key skills, knowledge and behaviours to be successful within Childcare and Health Professions.”

We offer a range of full and part-time vocational courses and apprenticeships in Health, Science and Social Care Professions and Childcare and Education Professions. For more information and to apply for a course starting in September, visit our department pages in Health, Science and Social Care Professions and Childcare and Education Professions.

Last updated: 8th January 2024

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