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We asked our Counselling students why they progress with us…

Amy Sowden joined the College in 2019, studying for her Level 2 Counselling Skills Certificate, before progressing to Level 3 Counselling Skills Diploma in 2020, and finally, Level 4 Therapeutic Counselling Diploma in 2021 which she completed earlier this year.

Amy said: “It has been my goal to become a counsellor after working for 14 years in an admin role for a mental health team. I experienced bullying as a teenager and wanted to give something back, so I decided to do something for myself and have a career change.

“I continued my progression at the College because it was the closest place that offered the courses part-time, which allowed me to study around work commitments and childcare. I also had friends whom I built a bond with and were also progressing.

“It has been a challenge to juggle college, family life and work and get the right balance, but I overcame these with the support of my tutor, my course friends and family.

“Now I’ve completed my course, I would like to be a counsellor working with young people, as I have really enjoyed my placement with occupational health at an NHS trust.”

Nina Turner, currently studying Level 4 Therapeutic Counselling Diploma, added: “There are a few reasons I progressed to the Level 4 Therapeutic Counselling Diploma, but the main reason is the undeniable proof of the College’s professionalism and the confidence staff have given me to continue on my journey to becoming a qualified health professional.

“I have always had a deep interest in helping people, but it wasn’t until I experienced a personal loss that I then decided I wanted to pursue a profession where I could have the necessary skills to support people whatever the circumstances, which is why I chose to study counselling. My aim is to further my personal development to the highest standards and progress onto a counselling role.

“I chose this College to study Counselling because I had returned to my home village after 26 years of living in different parts of the country and wanting to become a counsellor. I couldn’t think of a better place than Barnsley College – a top-accredited college!

I would always recommend the College because I started studying Counselling in my late 40s and through staff support, I also resat my GCSE English where I gained a Merit after years of believing I wasn’t smart enough – the College has helped me in so many ways.”

Ellen Clark, who studies alongside Nina, commented: “I decided to study Level 2 Counselling Skills Certificate initially due to my work – I work with young teenagers excluded from mainstream school, many of whom have multiple mental health problems.

“Since starting my journey I’ve realised that I would like to be of help to anyone who may need it. I have experienced many things in my own life and understand how important it is to have someone to talk to and support you.

“I am hopeful that I will be able to finish my Level 4 Therapeutic Counselling Diploma and then complete a degree in counselling before becoming a qualified integrative counsellor and pursuing a career in counselling or teaching.

“I have found the deadlines my greatest challenge while studying, but like anything in life if you want it hard enough you must make time and rise to every challenge you face! I believe strongly in lifelong learning and believe everyone (if they so desired) should be able to access learning at any point in their lives.”


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Last updated: 4th April 2024

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