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Updates to Higher Education information

This page lists all changes that we make to higher education information in printed material or on the website.

Date Changes made
26 February 2021 Updated page with amended costs: https://www.barnsley.ac.uk/higher-education/higher-education-additional-costs/
26 February 2021 Transferred a number of Level 4, 5 and 6 courses from Further Education provision to Higher Education provision. Directed part-time courses to offer the correct application form for these.
24 February 2021 Updated disability and dyslexia information : https://www.barnsley.ac.uk/higher-education/dds-at-higher-education/


4 February 2021 Updated the programme specifications for all eligible courses: https://www.barnsley.ac.uk/higher-education/higher-education-programme-specifications/
3 February 2021 Updated information about applying for academic year 2021: https://www.barnsley.ac.uk/higher-education/applying-for-a-higher-education-course/
25 January 2021 Updated application timetable information: https://www.barnsley.ac.uk/higher-education/applying-for-a-higher-education-course/higher-education-application-timetable/


Last updated: 25th May 2023

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