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Sport, Public Services (Military Professional) and Esports (Skills Academy)

If you want an introduction to Sport, Public Services (Military Professional) and Esports then this taster course could be just what you’re looking for.

The course involves a rotation throughout the day of:

  • Sport
    This will be a practical session with a full curriculum of individual and team sports. You will have the chance to become physically active and take part in a wide range of sports
  • Military preparation
    You will be developing teamwork, leadership and communication skills in military-specific scenarios in order to prepare yourself for progression into the armed forces.
  • Esports
    You will have the opportunity to gain vital skills such as problem solving, digital development and strategy improvement. Upon completion, you will receive a Barnsley College certificate which will state the specific areas you have studied throughout the year.

Last updated: 8th June 2022

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