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Learning for Living and Work (Skills Academy)

If you are a student in Year 10 or 11 with high needs you can attend sessions in Learning for Living and Work (LfLW) as part of a planned step into Barnsley College – either as an LfLW student or within other areas of the college.

School may choose to refer you when they feel that you would benefit from time away from school in an alternative setting. This can be for a number of reasons but we find that many students have a positive experience from being in a College setting. Attendance at College can open up many opportunities for you as a student and help you plan for your future.

You will be able to take part in practical learning sessions such as:

  • Working in Crumbs Café
  • Grounds’ Maintenance and Horticulture
  • Car Valeting.

In addition, if it’s appropriate for you, you will be able to study towards formal qualifications in Employability, Independent Living and Functional Skills, maths and English.

You will be offered an individual, unique timetable which is focused on your needs and what you want to achieve. Your time in College will help you to develop your confidence, self-esteem and social skills as well as maths and English study. You will be in a safe, supportive and encouraging atmosphere in which you can learn and grow towards the next steps in your journey.



Last updated: 8th June 2020

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